Pole Brus. _ H.R.D.

Pole Brus. _ H.R.D.

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This unit polishes pole of the battery. The head is equipped with special brushes, with the shape of the pole, which rotate around the pole polishing. The brushes rotate through two air motors mounted on two pneumatic cylinders that rise and fall on the vertical pole. The two groups are installed on a brush head with moving axes that allow you to brush all types of batteries.

Two Pneumatic Pincer discharge, with cooling water circuit, installed on two pneumatic cylinders, pinch the positive and negative pole perfectly, guarantee strong grip on the circumference of the pole, At this point, the PLC of the machine drives the start, the higt rate discharger tester, makes the test, if the battery is ok the discharger confirm ok, the pincer release the pole, and the battery goes in the line, if it is not conform the battery is discharged from the line. (HIGH RATE TESTER 12V 3000A DISCHARGER OPTIONAL)

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